Contour and Detail Surveys

This Survey entails accurate contouring and mapping of your land on AHD (Height above sea level), for the purposes of designing your house, subdivision, Industrial or drainage and for planning purposes. The survey locates everything from the kerb and channel, buildings, fences, retainer walls, trees and above ground visible services such as sewer, electrical, drainage etc. Below ground survey on application with “Dial before you Dig” enquiries.

Building Setout

This survey is for the setout of footings, house position, earthworks, levels or for any construction process. Positions can be pegged or concrete pinned for brickwork etc. Pricing is based on the number of marks placed and identification of the boundaries.

Subdivision and Strata Titling

This is a survey for the creation of new titles to be registered with the Land Titles office in the subject state. They can be plans of many lots and roads or vertical strata titling, easements, covenants, building envelopes etc. This process requires application to council by a town planner for a proposed subdivision approval. Once approved the lots are defined and pegged by plans of survey that are subsequently registered by the appropriate land titles office and new titles issued.

Boundary Identification Surveys

This is a survey for re-defining the current boundaries of your land as shown on the original survey plan registered on your title. It also indicates the position of buildings, walls and any monuments that may be on or encroach into your land or onto land nearby. These surveys will define secondary interests such as easements and covenants. This survey plan or report is very beneficial for prospective purchasers wanting to know what they are actually buying or for fencing purposes.

Engineering Surveys & Consultancy

Engineering surveys involve setout and as constructed of civil works such as bridges, roads, utilities, drainage etc. This involves planning and consultancy with local and state authorities as well as the client to obtain optimal outcomes. An environmental balance is the goal with large projects of this nature and incorporating planning and environmental legislation within the project and the surrounding neighborhood. All other types of survey such as Hydrographic, Geodetic, Topographical, Mining can be discussed on application.